Meet Pete

Pete Calgaro is a multi-instrumentalist who creates music for meditation, relaxation and healing, with close to 30 CD releases since 2002. He has been performing music in public since the age of 10, when he would play a pipe organ at his local Catholic Church.

Since, then he has played in many groups and bands - everything from symphonic to jazz to rock cover bands. He had a spiritual awakening of sorts in the early 2000s, which led to the recording of his first album, "Keys". "Keys" was intended as a gift to friends and family. He duplicated just enough copies to hand out to a select number of loved ones. It was a compilation of the piano solos he had written over a period of decades.

Once that recording was finished, he realized that he wanted to create music to help people remember who they are and get in touch with their inner guidance.

People over the years have used his music for yoga classes, meditation, calming children in day cares, for soothing road rage, to aid in falling asleep, for recovering from illness and for easing physical and mental pain. Even animals have been known to settle down and relax while listening to his music.

Pete currently serves as Music Director at Unity of Madison in Wisconsin. where he has had the chance to collaborate with hundreds of singers and musicians. In addition, he is the Music Director, Drummer and Chant Leader for the Kirtan group Indra Adhira.